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Niru Semia 400g

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Niru Semia 400g

Niru Semia is made of fine flour.

It is suitable for vegetarians (Vegan) and non-vegetarians as well.

Vermicelli is a traditional type of Pasta, thinner than spaghetti.

It is a thin form noodles.

Vermicelli in various languages is referred as Semolina, sevai, semiya, shavige, orati, minutelli, fermentini, pancardelle, she'reya, cadriyad, attriya, fideo, shemai, seviyan, shevaya, simei, sev, semige.

It is used to prepare spicy dishes like upma as well as sweet dishes like kheer/payasam also.

Sago, Sugar, Vermacill, Raisins, Cashew Nuts, Spices, Salt