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Beam Valmee Syrup - 200ml (වැල්මී සිරප්)

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Beam Valmee Syrup - 200ml (වැල්මී සිරප්)

Product Description

Name Valmee Syrup
Generic Valmee Syrup
Ingrediants Wild eggplant (Solanum virginianum), Liqourice/ Valmee (Glycyarahiza Glabra) and etc.
Therapeutic Effects Proven cure for acute and chronic cough, bronchial asthma & disorders of the respiratory system.
Dose Infants (1/2-1tea spoon- 2.5ml-5ml)/ children age 3-6 (1-2 tea spoon- 5ml-10ml)/ children age 6-12 (2-3 tea spoon- 10ml-15ml)/ adults(1-2 table spoon-15ml-30ml)
Usage Three times a day before meals
UserGroup All user group

අඩංගු ද්‍රව්‍ය: වැල්මී, කටුවැල්බටු, යනාදිය.

ගුණ: කැස්ස, හතිය, උගුරේ වේදනාව වැනි ශ්වසන පද්ධතියේ රෝග සඳහා ගුණදායකය.