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Elephant House Cream Soda 400ml

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Elephant House Cream Soda 400ml

  • Put the pop back into your life

    Is it possible to bottle the experience of being young? We don’t know, but Elephant House Cream Soda sure comes close. And that’s why it has been the number one choice for beverages among young Sri Lankans for decades.

    With a very unique ‘clear but not quite’ colour and a flavour that is syrupy yet refreshing, Elephant House Cream Soda is all about experiencing joy and togetherness, enabling shared experiences among our youth hailing from diverse backgrounds and all corners of the island. Join us to enjoy the perfect, thirst-quenching Elephant House Cream Soda, so we can come together in peace and harmony.
    Beloved by all, across the island, Elephant House Cream Soda is available in a variety of sizes and price points to suit every occasion.