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Fadna - Bitter Gourd Diabe Herbal Tea - 20 Tea Bags

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Fadna - Bitter Gourd Diabe Herbal Tea - 20 Tea Bags

Product Description

Karawila (Bitter Gourd) Tea

Karawila (Mormodicacharantia) / Bitter Gourd is one of the most promising and useful medicinal plants used as a remedy for diabetes and it is a nutritional vegetable to sustain human health.

The finest blend of Green Tea with natural Bitter Gourd packed in tea bags without using any chemicals makes a simple and pleasant beverage.

Key Benefits

  • Controlling high blood sugar level
  • Purifies blood
  • Cure for intestinal worms
  • Good for skin disorders
  • Good for eye disorders
  • Good for preventing Cancer (Anti-cancer properties)

Other Benefits

  • Rich in Vitamin 'K', hence it is used to treat bleeding disorders
  • Contains anti-aging properties

History of the Product

The properties of the herb were documented in traditional Ayurvedic Medical books over 3000 years ago.

The scientific report submitted to the 5th Asian Congress of Diabetes 2010 in Thailand confirms the efficacy claimed for Fadna Bitter Gourd Tea and proved that it will not have any undue damage to the Kidney and Liver.

How the Product Works?

Researchers found that Bitter Gourd has lots of active chemicals which involve in reducing blood glucose levels.

  • Charantin – Blood glucose lowering effect
  • Poly Peptide-P – Insulin like hypoglycemic compound 

Karawila Tea is Certified by the department of ayurvrda ministry of indigenous medicine of Sri Lanka and confirms that this herbal tea can be consumed without a prescription and is suitable for general use.