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Fadna - Immunni Tea - 20 Tea Bags

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Fadna - Immunni Tea - 20 Tea Bags

Product Description

Fadna launches FADNA IMMUNI TEA

The health environment globally as well as in Sri Lanka is not very positive at present. Apart from the global threat of Corona and Influenza, the general public are also vulnerable to cold, cough and fever due to the weather conditions. Stress at work or sturdy and tiredness also make adults and children victims of such sicknesses, and reduce immunity.

Understanding the need for a solution that increases immunity at such conditions, FADNA, the herbal tea brand, launched their novel product IMMUNI TEA, tailor made to fight general diseases and increase immunity in the human body. This refreshing solution is 100% natural and is made of therapeutic herbs with the motive of boosting the immunni system.

IMMUNI TEA will prevent the body getting infected by diseases, and its medicinal value will induce high immunity while working as a remedy from infections such as influenza, cold, fever, cough and other viral infections.

FADNA is already a renowned established household brand that concentrates on bringing in the goodness of ancient herbal nutrients in a convenient manner to the busy life style. By introducing IMMUNI TEA, FADNA intends to protect the public from many diseases that are currently spreading.

It is advisable that FADNA IMMUNI TEA to be taken as a daily dose, many times as desired during the day and night. It will be liked by the entire family and family members will have the reassurance that their loved ones are protected from unnecessarily viruses. This healing product that brings in multiple nutrients in multiple herbs can be widely obtained from pharmacies and super markets across the island. With the strong and rich herbal component, FADNA IMMUNI TEA certainly prepares the body to fight germs which would lead to enjoying a healthy life.