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Odiris 5-Pieces Knife Set

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Odiris 5-Pieces Knife Set

Kitchen Knives Set (5-Pcs) includes five types of knives for your day-to-day use. Made out of high-quality stainless steel.

Set includes

  • Bread Knife (Total Length:33cm Blade Length:20cm Width:2.75cm)
  • Chef Knife (Total Length:34cm Blade Length:20.5cm Width:4.5cm)
  • Vegetable Knife (Total Length:33cm Blade Length:20cm Width:2.75cm)
  • Fruit / Utility Knife (Total Length:24cm Blade Length:12cm Width:2cm)
  • Paring / Carving Knife (Total Length:21.5cm Blade Length:9.5cm Width:2cm)

Very Sharp Cutting Edge

The handles are made of tough and durable polypropylene and securely bonded to the blade. This guarantees that there are no gaps to pick up food or hide germs.

The ergonomic handles offer a comfortable, less-fatiguing grip.

Material: Stainless Steel Blade, Polypropylene Handle, Aluminum Rivets.

Dishwasher safe