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Odiris Manna Knife - K6

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Odiris Manna Knife - K6

Odiris Manna Knife Best Quality Stainless Steel Ceylon Since 1952 Wood Handle

Product details of Manna Knife – K6

  • Completely forged from high-quality carbon steel.

  • Flat wood handle knife

  • Stainless Steel blade 

  • High-performance, long-lasting sharpness.

  • Comfortable and perfectly balanced.

  • Secure dishwasher.

  • Can be used for Heavy Duties.

Their fine-edged blades make it easy to cut accurately and easily, while their balanced ergonomic handles make user-friendly. Ideal for a wide variety of daily cutting activities – from peeling potatoes to cutting wood. The knives feature fine-edged blades, allowing extremely quick, precise cutting. The blades are made of stainless carbon steel that retains sharp edges longer than regular stainless steel knives and is easier to keep sharp. They won't tarnish because they're stainless. These knives have chunky steel handles, with ergonomic curves built to fit comfortably in the side. They're a total joy to use and also well balanced with their flared bolsters. This ensures smooth, simple chopping.