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Wijaya Jaffna Curry Powder 900g

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Wijaya Jaffna Curry Powder 900g

Product Description
Wijaya Jaffna curry powder is produced using highest quality ingredients such as Coriander,Cumin seed and fennel seed as the major ingredients.These products are specially formulated to enhance the flavor of cooked meat, fish, vegetables etc.

No added artificial flavor contains such as MSG. Ingredients are thoroughly cleaned prior to milling and the milling is carried out under strict hygienic conditions. 

100% Ground Pure Natural Spices
coriander-Coriandum Sotivum
Cummin seed-Ciminum Cyminum
Fennel seed-foreniculum Vulgsrep.Miller
fenugreek-Trigonelle Forenum- Graecum
Mustad-Sinapis Alba
Turmeric-Curcuma Longa
Garlic-Allium Sativum
Cardamon-Electtaria Cardamomum
Cinnamom-Cinnamum Zeylanicum
Cloves-Engenia Caryophyllus
Curry leaves-Maraya Koenigii
Rampe-Padanus Latifolius
Dal - Pigeon pea

Medical Values
Jaffna Curry powder  consists of number of spices which are having high medicinal values.

Coriander – Exhibits antimicrobial effects; acts as an antioxidant and good traditional treatment for type 2 diabetes.

Cumin seed – Excellent source of Iron, thus lead to effective blood transportation and healthy immune system. Also contains anti-carcinogenic effect.

Fennel seed –excellent digestive aid to relieve abdominal cramps, gas and bloating. And also acts as an antiviral, antifungal agent.

Turmeric –contains an Anti-Inflammatory effect, acts as a cancer prevention agent, improves liver function and protects from cardiovascular diseases.

Available Pack Sizes
500g, 900g Bottle